This showcases all of the game related work that I have done over the course of my time making games. These can be solo projects, or game jam projects, or projects made within a group in education or outside of it. These are all the projects I have worked on from the beginning, until completion.

Most Recent Games:

I started my studies at Priestley College in September 2017 and this came to an end in June 2019. The course I completed was an AQA Technical Level in Entertainment Technology: Video Games Art and Design Production in which I attained the grade of DMM (112 UCAS Points).

I’m Hayley Davies, a 20-year-old, indie programmer. I’m a keen and hardworking person who can learn quickly and adapt efficiently. I have worked on a variety of small projects from 2D platformers for PC, to virtual reality experiences. Research is the key to programming; if you don’t understand it, go out and learn it, there’s enough resources out there which can teach you a lot. Check out my portfolio for everything I’ve worked on.