College Work

I started my studies at Priestley College in September 2017 and this came to an end in June 2019. The course I completed was an AQA Technical Level in Entertainment Technology: Video Games Art and Design Production in which I attained the grade of DMM (112 UCAS Points).

Across the two years, I completed Twelve Units and Eight Projects.
In the first year, I completed six of the twelve units and six of the eight projects and in the second year, I completed the remaining six units and the remaining two projects.

In the “Year 1 Assignments” section, I have all of the projects which I have done at @CGDPriestley. These are my Environment, Survival and Vehicle projects, all of which cover a large amount of day-to-day game development tasks.

In the “Year 2 Assignments” section, I have all of the projects which I have done at @CGDPriestley. Over the year, we did projects. The first being Locked In where we had to work in teams to produce a game over the course of 3 months. The second was a Flight Attendant Simulator produced for the VR platform.

Projects (Quick Links)

The Projects which I completed were as follows:
Environment Project (2017)
Survival Project (2017)
Vehicle Project (2018)
Game Project (2018)
2D Game Art Project (2018)
Character Rigging Project (2018)
Locked In (2018)
Flight Attendant Simulator (2019)

Units & Grade Breakdown

Unit 1: Business for Video Games – Pass
Unit 2: Digital Asset Management – Merit
Unit 3: 2D Games Art – Pass
Unit 4: Concept Art – Distinction
Unit 5: 3D Environment Art – Pass
Unit 6: 3D Character Art – Pass
Unit 7: User Interface – Merit
Unit 8: Games Animation and VFX – Distinction
Unit 9: Level Design – Distinction
Unit 10: Games Mechanics – Distinction
Unit 11: Games Audio – Merit
Unit 12: Collaborative Games Development Project – Distinction