Year 1 Assignments

Between 2017-2019 I studied Games Design at Priestley College in Warrington. As part of the two year course, I complete various projects. This is a list of all my first year projects.

As a further part of the Games Design course I enrolled in, I had to complete a short project going through how to sort out character rigging, skinning and animating. This is what the project here is.

Throughout the entire first year of the Games Design course I am doing, I have had a recurring task, this is to do with the actual Art side of games. This stage of the course focuses not only on game art but also on other forms of art too from the traditional, pen and paper method, to the newer, digital art.

The final project of my first year is my game project. In this project, I design and create a 2D Platformer game from scratch. This involves concept art, level design, 2D sprite creation, programming and a lot of idea making.

Check it out:

Download Joe's Conquest at

In my vehicle project, I had to design, model, texture, animate, implement and program a vehicle using 3DS Max and Unity (using C# and JS). This is the first project focusing on animation. I created various animations throughout the project available on my YouTube channel.

In my Survival Project, I had to design, model and implement an object using Photoshop, 3DS Max and Unity. I had to create traditional (handmade) drawings in pencil and develop these ideas. Then I designed the item digitally in Photoshop and after that, modelled, unwrapped and textured the item using 3DS Max. Finally, I had to implement the item into Unity and add code to make it interact with the player.

For the first part of my Computer Games Design college course, I learnt the basics of 3D Modelling using 3DS Max, along with how to texture and unwrap the models I made. For the project I had to design and model 10 assets for use in a modular pack. I also had to create a 3D environment in the Unity game engine and implement a first person character controller into the environment.