Project 2 – Flight Attendant Simulator (2019)

Flight Attendant Simulator_PosterPlay as a flight attendant aboard a private jet, hand out food to customers and make sure they are satisfied. In this fast-paced VR experience, the wrong order could be a matter of life or death. Only time will tell if you’re up to the challenge.


As part of my Second Year at Priestley College, I had to complete a project in a group of four with the following guidelines;

1. Repeating Patterns; Remembering an Increasing Number of Things; and
2. For Release on the Oculus Platform

Although we could swap our platform and guideline, we chose not to as we were happy with the guideline.

Our initial ideas were to make a game similar to Beat Saber or similar to Simon for example until we decided to make a game based upon the mundane, Air Hostess Simulator. A wacky, fun-to-play VR game where you play as the sole Air Hostess on a private jet. The player must hand out food to people and ensure that they don’t fail the mission. The game follows the repeating patterns, as each character, will order similar things, and you have to remember their order.

Check it out:

Download Flight Attendant Simulator at

Slideshow of the Project:

Initial Games Pitch:

Beta Game Pitch:

Pitch Script:

UI Presentation:

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UI Blockout Video:

Check it out:

Download Flight Attendant Simulator at