Sea of Thieves Review (2018)

If answers you seek, come take a peek.

A game that I recently got my hands on was Sea of Thieves. A simple yet elegant concept. In Sea of Thieves, you (as the player) must work in team no larger than 4 to sail a ship. You can do this alone or with another person on a smaller ship called a Sloop or with 2 or 3 other people on a larger ship called a Galleon. I have enjoyed my gameplay with the game and have met quite a lot of people online – mostly from Europe.

This game is so beautiful and elegant; Rare has really done a good job of this game. The sounds have been focused on a lot with all the sounds conveying a purpose, whether it signifies that your ship has just crashed, or a cannon has just been fired in the distance; it’s all brilliantly crafted.

The game, besides looking beautiful, has quite a lot to it; you complete voyages with your pirate crew, dig up chests or fight skeletons and sell your newly acquired loot to buy things at an outpost. You risk invasion from other crews who want to steal your bounty and sell it a merchant. You can fire yourself from a cannon hundreds of metres in the air and land on an island – or if you’re really good, land on the deck of another boat – like a mere 0.2% of users have done so far.

Despite its brilliance, there are some things that the game could do better. The main thing being gameplay; its repetitive, and that’s not good as it makes the game seem like a real grind and can take the fun away from the game itself. The main reason I say this is because of a lack of progression. Everything you buy is pointless; its just a skin for an item, it serves no functional purpose. I feel like when you buy a new sword, it should do more damage or reduce the time it take to recover from a lunge. A new gun should do more damage, hold more bullets, improve the accuracy or range; something. A new bucket should hold more water. A new shovel should dig more or faster or something like that. The team at Rare have probably done this to help newer players get into the game but as someone who has played long enough; it needs to have this feature otherwise it will turn your old players away from the game.

Another feature that I would love to see is a Battle Royale mode, Fortnite completely changed after PUBGs success and a pirate-based Battle Royale game that is developed well would be a sure-fire hit. Sea of Thieves has the system to do it and it would be great; battling in a team of 4 against a ton of other teams, where the last team standing wins. Maybe throw-in some curveballs such as a limited amount of cannon balls or wooden planks so users would still have to venture onto land to stock up their items.  That would be excellent and they would be stupid not to work on this. Offer it as a free version of the game too – riddle it with microtransactions; why not.

(Written by Callum Davies: 27/03/2018 – 20:06 GMT)