Joe’s Conquest (2018)


The final project of my first year is my game project. In this project, I design and create a 2D Platformer game from scratch. This involves concept art, level design, 2D sprite creation, programming and a lot of idea making.

As part of my studies at Priestley College, I worked on a project entitled “The Game Project”. Within this, we had to create a platformer game from scratch, doing all the visuals, programming, and level design ourselves.

The game is about a boy called Joe who has to escape from a cyberworld created by the notorious hacker, Adam after he took Joe’s girlfriend Laura. As the player, you must guide Joe to safety so that he can escape this world and save his love.

The game sees you having to jump between platforms in order to avoid bad lines of binary and not fall off the edge. Joe has the power to double jump.

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Download Joe's Conquest at

Slideshow of the project:

Joe Animation Showcase Video:

Mechanics Showcase Video:

PDF download of the project:
The Game Project – PDF Version
Concept Art Presentation:
Concept Art Presentation – PDF Version

Check it out:

Download Joe's Conquest at

Check out Joe’s Conquest by @cdgamedev! @CGDPriestley

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