Nightly Profit Mod (Mod)


The Nightly Profit Mod is a mod for an early access game called “Startup Comany“. The mod expands slightly on the base game with a neat new addition of telling you whether or not you’re making profit each night (when you pay bills and you earn revenue). In the base game, you can view how much money you’re making per day or month. This is good but the data isn’t presented overtime, and if you’re a stats nerd like myself, then you will want to see the data laid out in the way that my mod does. It’s a great addition to the game and within the top 50 most subscribed mods for the game.~

The first version of this mod was released in May 2018 which simply showcased how much money you (the player) made last night. I was sick of trying to find out if I was actually making money in game or not, by calculating the money I had before the night started and the money I had after.

I kept this mod updated here and there – with each new game update, something would go wrong within my mod and make it display the information wrongly. It was very much on the backburner though as I had more to do than make game mods, college work took president.

More recently (July 2019), I updated the mod again, this time, using ChartJS to display the profit information in either a Bar Chart or a Line Graph. This would add to the visual element of it, as the previous versions showed all of this information within a scrollable table (Yikes!). The mod does still display some information within a table, but this is only “Last Night’s Profit” and “Total Profits (In The Last x Days)”. With x being any value from 1-100.

More updates may come to the mod, depending on what is needed. I may add more features to it or leave it as it is. Currently, the mod works without a hitch; “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, especially when it comes to potentially corrupting somebody’s savedata.

Download Link:

If you’d like to try it out, links to both the Game and the Mod are below.
Game Link (Steam)
Mod Link (Steam)


Check out the Nightly Profit Mod by @cdgamedev for @hovgaardgames’ tech tycoon game, Startup Company.

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