Python Projects (2016)

During my time at Cronton, I studied Computer Science where our tutor Terry taught us Python. During this time I completed a variety of projects – most of which I have lost. All of the projects listed below require Python – they work in 3.6.1 so if one doesn’t work then install version 3.6.1.

Over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday in 2016, we were assigned 5 tasks. These were:

  1. Dice Rolling Simulator – A program where you select the number of dice to be rolled, all the die roll and then the total value is displayed.
  2. Guess The Number – A program where the computer chooses a number between 1 and 1000 and you have to guess it in as little guesses as possible.
  3. Mad Libs Generator – A program where you have to choose various nouns, verbs and adjectives to create a story.
  4. Text Based Adventure Game – A short text-based adventure game where you have to examine, interact and pick up various objects to complete the challenge.
  5. Hangman Game – Its a game of hangman – as you would expect. You are given 1 hint and you have to guess the word 1 letter at a time. If you guess right, then the letter becomes filled in, guess wrong too many times and you will be hung.

Check out Python Projects by @cdgamedev

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